We should not be taken in by the misdirection of a bluffer and a chancer


Statement by Chris Nelson, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Kettering constituency: " We should not be taken in by the misdirection of a bluffer and a chancer."

Yesterday's decision by Boris Johnson to drag the Queen into partisan politics, by asking her to give him 5 weeks off at one of the most critical points in our recent political history, is a shameful attempt to stop the British people being given a final say on a No Deal Brexit. There was once a point in which Conservatives would be ashamed at risking the credibility of the monarchy by asking her to take a nakedly partisan decision; clearly, they are no longer a party that respects constitutional tradition.

This comes just 24 hours after a majority of MPs in Parliament - including some of Boris' own MPs - promised new legislation to postpone a no-deal until after an expected General Election.

Boris claims it  is innocent, he claims he needs a Queen's Speech to introduce new legislation: He is lying. If he wants to propose new laws, he can just do it. If he wants a Queen's Speech to set his new agenda, he can do so in just one week, not five weeks.

No-one is fooled: this is about Boris trying to stop voters from getting the chance to decide on whether to leave without a deal - whether or not to take the risk of shortages of food, medicines and of damage to local jobs. A majority of MPs don't agree with him - so he is abusing the power of the monarchy to try to force it through anyway.

On Sky News yesterday, Lib Dem education spokesperson Layla Moran quite rightly called Boris Johnson out as a "coward" who cannot command a majority of MPs, so instead he seeks to avoid scrutiny. We should not be taken in by the misdirection of a bluffer and a chancer.


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