Lib Dems in strong showing in Oundle by-election

Kettering and Wellingborough Liberal Democrats would like to congratulate our friends in Corby and East Northants Lib Dems on their result and hard work in the recent Oundle NCC by-election.  Their vote share rose to an incredible 35.1% (+24.6%) marking the party out as the clear local opposition to continued Tory mismanagement.

This by-election came about as a result of the local county Councillor (and former leader of the Tory Council) Heather Smith resigning her position.

Unfortunately the new Conservative Councillor has a history of poor attendance in her existing role as a district Councillor including missing two-thirds of council meetings.

Coupled with the halving of the Labour vote share there is now only one clear option for the 2020 elections if we wish to remove the Tory regime from our councils.  

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