Fighting Fund Higham Unitary

This May Northamptonshire votes for new Unitary Councillors shaping the future of the county.  After the financial mismanagement of Northants County Council under Conservative rule Unitary Authorities are a means of bringing about local government fairness and transparency. 

To be fair right from the get go we need to level the campaign itself, our Unitary Ward is geographically huge - it is not only larger than some Westminster constituencies it is roughly triple the size of Jeremy Corbyns' constituency Islington North! it also covers both urban and rural communities. 

We have; fantastic candidates, fair policies and a history of local campaigning.  Unlike Labour and the Conservatives we don't have funding from big business or unions;  our campaigns are funded by people like you who believe in better for our communities.  We know we can make a difference but we need to campaign on equal grounds.  Will you pledge to donate funds to campaign on equal grounds to the other parties?

£110.00 pledged

how much will you pledge to donate on Mar 08 2020?

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