Election 2021: Climate policies for North Northants

  • Implement the Climate Change Framework for North Northamptonshire which was the result of the Scrutiny Task and Finish Group
  • In particular we will want to make £200k available from the council's reserves to kickstart action. This will include convening a citizens assembly as a matter of urgency. Our communities are full of ideas. Liberal Democrats want the council to bring people together to take action. That must be action that our community has helped to specify. It must be done with them not to them.
  • We will also want to declare a Climate Emergency at the first opportunity and designate a Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Environment and Climate Change Action.
  • We will take urgent action to increase recycling by residents and remove barriers to recycling.
  • The council will be a the forefront of action to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points across our area.
  • We will urgently brings forward a new local plan with climate change action at its heart and incorporate action on climate change into the council's planning policy. The council will use its powers to improve air quality in our towns.
  • We will undertake a feasibility study, paid for out of council reserves, to look at installing microgeneration (solar panels, ground source heat pumps, small scale wind turbines etc etc) on council owned homes to reduce emissions and to put money back into the pockets of tenants.
  • We will set up a task force to work with local retailers such as supermarkets and fast food outlets to reduce the waste they generate from excess packaging.
  • We will seek to build on and encourage the fantastic litter-picking work done by groups like the Corby Wombles and the Kettering Wombles. This community spirited action needs to be encouraged and facilitated by the council.
  • We will work to increase bus use and will explore the possibility of piloting bus subsidies to see if greatly reduced fares increase use.
  • We will green the council, further reducing energy use in council buildings and installing solar panels or other microgeneration on council owned buildings. We will move the council quickly to using only electric vehicles. The only exception being where the vehicle performs a specialist function and electric power is not suitable.
  • We will plant trees. Our aim is to plant one tree for every resident in North Northamptonshire, every year, for as long as is necessary.

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